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PWNCAST: World of Warcraft Podcast

Dec 30, 2015

This weeks news in World Of Warcraft was not much since only small legion announcements happened. So we focused on us and what has been going on. Frysa and Bloke give their news, we talk about gear catch up mechanics and all the things. The playback might not be as good as normal and Bertha (MY PC) is slowly dying on me...

Dec 23, 2015

This weeks news in World of Warcraft including Legion talk regarding pvp preview for all the new pvp things. Bloke talks about his undercover adventures and I pull a Frysa spoof. The troll is real this episode.

Dec 17, 2015

This week we are down two people so with the help of our friend Bob we talk about all the World of Warcraft goings on with Legion including the latest in Alpha news.

Dec 9, 2015

This week news in World of Warcraft including all the new UI changes coming in legion, Winter Veil sale on select mount's and pets, boosting information if you have not used your pre purchase boost and much more.

Check out the PDQ

Dec 2, 2015

This weeks  news in World of Warcraft includes Legion news, new nps models, fishing artifact weapon info and much more.