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A World Of Warcraft Podcast for the players BY the players. We bring you in depth Casual Gaming, Hardcore Raiding, PVP, Patch Updates and Our Race and Class Perspective. Of course we also throw in some smack talk and a healthy Alliance/Horde Rivalry to keep you wondering...what side should I choose?

Seems I am still working out video issues although the audio issues seem to have been solved. This weeks news in World of Warcraft did not include much. Mythic dungeon event going on. Brewfest and Harvest Festival going on. Skirmishes give conquest and much more.

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This weeks news in World of Warcraft was not much. So we did spend the episode not adulting and goofing off. Lore on the weapon  Ebonchill, Greatstaff of Alodi.

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This weeks news includes patch 6.2.2 drop. More Legion news as told from panel at Dragon Con, No Lycan this week so we are loreless and much more

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