PWNCAST - World Of Warcraft Podcast
A World Of Warcraft Podcast for the players BY the players. We bring you in depth Casual Gaming, Hardcore Raiding, PVP, Patch Updates and Our Race and Class Perspective. Of course we also throw in some smack talk and a healthy Alliance/Horde Rivalry to keep you wondering...what side should I choose?

This weeks news in World Of Warcraft includes talk about Warcraft Movie being pushed back, Tanaan Jungle information, The Left Shark Pet Craze, Botting in Dungeons to Lazy Level and an excellent lore segment by Lycan including where Wrathion really came from.

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Today we celebrate our 1 year episode of entertaining and bringing our community of World of Warcraft the weekly news, gameplay help and all around shenanigans. PTR 6.2 break down and BlizzCon ticket buying woes.

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This weeks news in World of Warcraft, Wow token talk, 5 man team taking on Heroic Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry and clearing it! We also talked about the conquest cap increase, lore segment and Belle's Bites talks about the transmog obsession.

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We talk about this weeks news in World of Warcraft. Blizzard's April Fools jokes, Nobelgarden, Children's Week and Pet Battle Quest nerfs to hinder the exploit being used. Belle is busted on her lavender scented toilet paper!

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