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A World Of Warcraft Podcast for the players BY the players. We bring you in depth Casual Gaming, Hardcore Raiding, PVP, Patch Updates and Our Race and Class Perspective. Of course we also throw in some smack talk and a healthy Alliance/Horde Rivalry to keep you wondering...what side should I choose?

This episode we talk this weeks news, listener questions answered and World of Warcraft community changes

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We talk about all the latest 6.1 news, a break down on how to guild recruit, triggering garrison invasions and Lycan breaks down how to develop your toon's lore. 

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We sit down with Midasman the Warlock and talk warlock. Lots of talk about 6.1 PTR. Garrisons, followers, heirlooms and mounts.


To like Midasmans pages:

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We talk about gear help, legendary questline help and in depth follower help. Guest Hotsforshots from Druids of Wow and our page. 

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